What is Reflectr?

Reflectr is an iOS and Android mobile App that serves as a personal and private digital space for you to freely post anything, just for yourself. It leverages AI to help you organize, summarize, and get feedback on your posts such as mood indicators, tags, emojis, comments, daily recap and writing tips. 

How much does it cost?

Reflectr is free to use with Ads, or you can Subscribe to a Premium Plan at $9.99 per year to use Reflectr without Ads along with several premium features. New users get a free 10 day trial without Ads, after which you can subscribe to the Premium Plan to remove Ads, or continue to use Reflectr with Ads. Please refer to the Terms of Service for more details.

What are the premium features?

Premium features include no Ads, additional AI personalities for commentary, more introspect questions, passcode lock and dark mode.

Who made the Reflectr App?

The App was designed and developed by Sashi B. and Daily Labs, LLC

Why did you make Reflectr?

We wanted to create something where we could quickly and easily post anything on our mind freely and privately without the pressure of Social Media or Sharing. We wanted to leverage AI to help organize and provide insights on those posts so we could analyze, reflect and improve our productivity and focus, one day at a time.

Is my data on Reflectr Private?

The whole premise of the app is around privacy. You can use the app without creating an account and all data is stored locally. However, if you want to enable device sync to access your data across devices, then you can create an account with Google or Apple and your data will be end-to-end encrypted and safely sync'd to the cloud so you can access across devices.  We do collect product usage data and diagnostic information to make the App better. You can view our Privacy Policy for more information.

Where is my data stored?

If you enable device sync, then your data is encrypted and stored on the cloud so that you can access it across devices.

Is my data shared?

Your posts are currently sent to Open AI via their APIs to generate insights, and is subject to Open AI's API Data Usage Policy, https://openai.com/policies/api-data-usage-policies.  However, the data is sent anonymously and isn't shared or mixed with other data sets.

When will it be available on other platforms?

Hopefully soon, but no release dates yet.