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Post anything on your mind freely and privately

Chat with your journal, ask questions, get insights

Get AI comments on every post

Clean up, simplify, or change the tone of your posts

AI personalities provide unique commentary

Get inspired with daily affirmations and observations based on your posts

Auto generated daily mood tracker based on your posts

Easily search your posts by the auto-generated categories and tags

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I love it. A social app but for your mental health. I think of it as a diary that can talk back to you and give you even better insights into your own thoughts with the three personalities, a recommendation and a question with each thought. Feel free to capture your intimate memories here.

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I'm actually sort of blown away after only one day of use. Very happy with it Hopefully it stays as insightful as it has been thus far. It actually got me back into keeping a journal which is also really important in and of itself but the AI stuff is really cool and actually quite useful and accurate.

Google Play

I have only been using the app for one day, but I am excited to use it every day. I have always wanted to have a way to capture my thoughts casually, and this app is perfect for that purpose. It is simple, but the automatically generated feedback and tags motivate me to keep writing. I am looking forward to seeing how this app develops over time. Thank you.

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Now, this is how you use AI. This is an amazing journaling assistant tool. I genuinely look forward to jotting down daily entries without having to worry about my formatting mistakes. For each entry, you get a couple of comments that give additional reflection opportunities. There are also Yesterday and Last Week recaps, which give great follow-up questions and comments that help further reflect on what happened. What a fantastic tool. Now I only wish it was also available on PC!

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I had been using this app for only a couple of days and had some suggestions for improvements. Send out an email to the developer. Got a response that evening. I updated to premium version. The comments that are generated by the app are insightful and thought provoking. Can hardly wait to see the direction this app is heading!

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I've never been good at keeping a journal but this app has me coming back each day. The comments it has on each post are insightful and if you need help cleaning up your word vomit it has several options on how to make it sound more put together and like you wrote it yourself.

Google Play

I don't know about you, but It is really givin me the help that I needed, as if it truly understands what i do felt and even suggest me something that is just really brilliant! its like you trying to journal expressin your feeling but you are shy to tell anyone but there's like a priest quietly anonymously giving you best opinion about your frustrations and feelings.

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I am incredibly grateful for how this application has significantly enhanced my daily work. I extend my utmost gratitude for its invaluable assistance. 101% recommended app!

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